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If you ask me my least three favorites foods, they are: raw tomatoes (loved them any other way though), goat cheese (but love cheese from sheep) and BEETS. I don't know what it is - perhaps because they are a very earthy vegetable. But I was convinced I would need to find a way to truly love beets. And folks, it happened. In a Russian and Ukranian soup called Borscht.

Borscht becomes a stunning, vibrant red color thanks to the beets dying the soup and it only gives the soup a hint of earthy, while remaining full of rich flavor from a combo of ingredients such as garlic and dill. Now a Borscht is traditionally also served with potatoes and some meat but to keep those are totally optional. Either way, it's a lighter dish and will be in my new, lighter cookbook! And it's made very quickly and conveniently in the Instant Pot!

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